"They told you ‘Your friends in high school aren’t forever’, but they never mentioned how regretful you would be of letting them go; of building a life and uprooting yourself from here to there; of walking away from them and going somewhere new when you know that in some way or the other, they helped you get here. They told you not to kiss that boy, and not to get too caught up, and to stop drawing lines on your wrist with the intention of filling yourself up with anything other than just emptiness. They told you ‘Nothing is forever’, but they never said how some days passed by so sluggishly that they felt like years instead of a measly 24 hours, never said how quickly one could forget to just stop and breathe for a second and just be. They told you ‘focus on your future’, and you focused so hard you forgot about your present, and now you’re here, 8 years later, sitting alone in an apartment complex that’s too big for one person in a city that’s overcrowded and lonely, and you’re eating takeout from the Chinese place down the street and for once in your life, when you hear someone tell you the words they’d always tell you when you were 15,16,17, you don’t feel okay." - Now your ears are bleeding and you’ve grown deaf from all the lies those adults in suits and pencil skirts fed you. You’re full, honey? Oh, no, you’re not. Just one more bite. (via d-sfunctional)

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Don’t Waste Your Time

When you think of Him, think of Christmas and your head will flood with another senseless joy that is actually achievable.

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